I was born in Canada, and l grew up in Mexico alongside 8 brothers and 2 sisters. A few years later after high-school, I decided to pursue a career in Design at ITESO Design School in a program that follows the Bauhaus model of education.


After graduation, my best friend and I co-wrote a thesis that ended up being our first book to be published in Amazon. This book has helped many design students on their educational path.


Moreover, I have specialized in the digital world designing many digital solutions for enterprises and persons as well, I currently work at iTexico as a UX Team Lead where I have the fortune to collaborate and learn from amazing people while serving our clients in the USA.


I have been fortunate to be recognized as a Latin-American designer by the LATAM-D project. I am an author in FOROALFA and is a very active contributor to the design community in Guadalajara City, the Silicon Valley of Latin America. Currently, I am part of the Design Leadership Forum, an initiative by InVision.

If you wish to connect with me I will be happy to respond in any of my social media channels: Twitter, Linkedin, or Medium.

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Hello! 👋

I am Martino Liu

I am a result-driven product designer with extensive UX design, product management, and scrum master experience. I love mentoring design students from around the world. My mission is to help create a better world by preparing better designers.